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"As a veteran I faced mortal combat and did my best to survive. I never thought I would be injured back in the states with no recourse. The professionals at The Law Office Of Jonathan Schlack picked me up and carried me to justice as a veteran, a worker and father to ensure that my children have the opportunities to live a richer, more rewarding and productive life."

“I had a decent job and a decent life. When I was injured on the job I lost my focus, my income and almost my family. When I first met with the Law Office of Jonathan Schlack all of my concerns disappeared. I knew I was in competent trustworthy hands that would stop at nothing to make the best out of a terrible situation.”

“My experience with the Law Office of Jonathan Schlack was excellent.  Jonathan, Chris, and the whole team made sure my case proceeded smoothly, and that it culminated in the settlement I deserved.  The whole staff was helpful and friendly.  It was satisfying to know that every time I called, I would be provided with an update on my case.  The fact that everyone was bilingual was also very helpful.”

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